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Joe's Story

Some people would call it a 'slipped disc.' Joe knew better. Discs don't 'slip.'

But he knew that even with the pain shooting down his leg, he wasn't going back to surgery again. The MRI showed that the disc in his low back that was operated on once before was bulging - again. He was determined to find a way to get stronger, even though he was staring at the image above on the left - with a bulging fourth lumbar disc herniation creating pressure on his sciatic nerve.

Joe, you see, performs MRI examinations as his profession. But this time, he was the patient. After watching countless streams of people seeking information, and more importantly, seeking help, he was determined to find a better way and to get his body back. As a professional performing MRI examinations every day, he will tell you that he sees a very specific pattern with the disc cases at his work. And the pattern that he sees is the same faces showing up at his facility over and over again, still in pain. Before surgery. After surgery. And then again before the next surgery.

He did not want to be one of these people.

But he was afraid that is where he was headed, a lifetime of chronic pain and dysfunction. He had been through this leg pain and weakness before his first surgery. And now it was back. So bad that he was struggling to help take care of his two year old daughter.

So on the recommendation of a friend, he sought chiropractic care. Reluctantly. He had heard that chiropractic care was not the right choice for him with his disc herniation. But he was determined to get better and wanted to learn how chiropractic could help him. He made the decision to truly give it everything that he had and follow every recommendation he was given by his chiropractor to give himself the best shot.

And to his surprise, he got his life back following a consistent series of chiropractic adjustments. So he was not surprised when he decided to check himself again after he was fully functional. Then, he was looking at the picture on the right, with no disc herniation. And to a trained eye, the difference is striking. However, anyone can look at Joe and see he is now a stronger, healthier man and father.

"I wanted to let you know that my baby girl was born at 1.55pm on Monday. As a reminder, I was at your office from 9:30-10am that same morning. At 11:15am my water broke, contractions quickly picked up in intensity and we were only at the hospital for 1.5 hrs before she was born. No pain medication, no baby stuck on my hip, no delayed dilation..... absolutely a smooth and fast labor and delivery. I want to thank you for taking me as a new patient and working me into your calendar the month of August/early September. I am so thankful that my friend Julie referred you and your expertise. I know that your sessions tremendously aided a smooth labor and delivery. (I was in labor at the hospital for 35 hours with my first child 2.5 years ago and he was stuck on my hip for the majority of that time) Take care."

- Anonymous

"When I was 16 years old I wore a full body cast for 2 months because of my back problems. For my whole life (over 40 years) I have had lower back problems, many times disabling. I had become exhausted, irritable and even depressed over the years. I was taking anti-depressants an assortment of pain killers regularly and eventually drugs to relieve my stomach pains (a side effect of the other drugs). Now, I have lots of relief; I feel more flexible. I can turn around to back my car out of the driveway! I feel taller physically and psychologically. I appreciate the atmosphere & the non-invasive treatments."

- Elzie H.

"Been coming here for almost 15 years....need I say more? Awesome people that love what they do and it shows!!"

- Samantha T.

"Love these people! Knowledgable, professional and always looking for ways to make me feel special. I highly recommend them!"

- Danelle T.


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