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Exercise in a Pill?

Resveratrol Benefits Exercise, Natural Performance Enhancer

By Chake Faye

For years researchers have studied the effects of exercise on the body and have found that those who exercise regularly live longer, more healthy lives. Researchers have now begun to research various methods of trying to enhance workouts performed and have surprisingly found promising results.

New research has revealed that the supplement resveratrol, also found in some wines can mimic the bodys positive reactions to working out. Resveratrol benefits in exercise are shown through improved strength and endurance, according to a new study led by Mr. Jason Dyck. In the animal study subjects gained improved heart function, muscle strength and changes in energy metabolism.

Based on these findings, we conclude that resveratrol is an ergogenic aid that improves exercise training via changes in skeletal muscle function and cardiac performance, but also improves energy metabolismwe [may have] identified improved exercise performance in a pill.

Resveratrol has many benefits including the ability to combat disease and it also has natural anti-aging properties. Those with illnesses that limit their physical activity could benefit greatly from these newly discovered resveratrol effects, due to its ability to mimic a more intense workout. However, its always important to monitor your diet and exercise regularly to maintain health and to help prevent disease.


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