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Astaxanthin: Seeing The Difference

Astaxanthin: Seeing the Difference Astaxanthin eye health

Maintaining healthy vision is important for everyone, and both age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) and general eye fatigue are ongoing problems for many of us. In these areas, astaxanthin—a powerful anti-aging antioxidant—has proven itself a great asset for eye health. This is true in part because astaxanthin is both an antioxidant and a carotenoid—making it similar to vitamin A, but far more powerful in its potential benefits for the eyes.

The antioxidant capabilities of astaxanthin work to reduce inflammation in eye muscles and improve blood flow to the eyes— especially in the capillary vessels that supply blood to the retina. Although an entirely natural substance, astaxanthin has displayed a level of efficacy equivalent to the anti-inflammatory steroid prednisolone.  Of prime importance is the fact that astaxanthin easily absorbs into the tissues of the eye, while many other potentially helpful nutrients are inhibited by the protective network of the blood-brain barrier.

As a result, astaxanthin delivers its benefits to the eyes with more potency than any of the other carotenoids, displaying approximately 10 times the power of vitamin A. At the same time, its high-powered antioxidant activity protects against free radical damage and oxidative stress. Taken together, these two factors effectively reduce the risk of cataracts and ARMD in addition to alleviating symptoms of eye strain and helping the eyes to perform at their best.

In one randomized, placebo-controlled study , researchers found that people working on computer monitors had a 54 percent reduction in eye fatigue and experienced improvements in eye focus when they took 6 mg of astaxanthin per day for four weeks compared with individuals who took a placebo. Similar studies in other groups have shown that supplementing with astaxanthin results in an improvement in objective visual performance. Also noteworthy, and at least as important,  are the decrease in actual feelings of eye strain and eye fatigue as reported by testers, as well as faster recovery after the use of computer monitors and TVs.

The protective power of antioxidant supplementation has been well-established. Never before, however, has an antioxidant emerged that is so powerful and also so unique in its abilities. Those seeking a powerful agent of preventative nutrition for healthy vision need to look no further—a clear answer is astaxanthin.