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Are You Considering Spinal Surgery?

“Are You Considering Spinal Surgery?”

Picture yourself sitting in your doctors office as they inform you that your only option is to go under the knife and have spinal surgery. This is big news for anyone to take on board and it’s important to understand that it has significant pro’s and con’s. The key to understanding the need for spinal fusion rests with understanding the reasoning for performing such a procedure.

As a Chiropractor, we continually promote a preventative and non-invasive approach to overall health and well-being. This doesn’t mean that we’re totally against all drugs, medicine and surgery but people must realize that there is a time and place for these types of approaches. This time and place, is after you’ve exhausted all other options!

Your body is designed to function optimally and only when there is a level of interference will it begin to break down. I’ve seen many cases of people who’ve visited my practice and decided to go down the route of spinal surgery. Others have decided to continue managing their problem with Chiropractic care. The decision purely comes down to your lifestyle and whether the risk of further injury and harm is worth the outcome. This is an important question to ask yourself.

In Australia, our surgeons and specialists are slowly waking up to this as they’re being warned to stop routinely undertaking such procedures with fears too many individuals are left with long-term disabilities. It is estimated that approximately 8,000 spinal surgeries routinely take place every year within Australia. Imagine what this figure would look like elsewhere around the world! Well I can tell you, latest estimates indicate approximately 300,000 in the United States annually.

Perhaps the most common form of spinal surgery is joint fusion. Fusion essential involves fusing two or more segments together to prevent motion across a joint or motion segment.  The spine as an entity is comprised of numerous motion segments along the vertebral column.  When it functions properly, it provides stability for the body, protects the nervous system, and it permits painless motion of the neck and trunk. 

The spine is designed to me mobile. When we perform such procedures it contributes to disability and potentially worsening of symptoms. While not all spinal surgeries have immediate negative outcomes there are better options available.

How could seeing a Chiropractor be a better option? Chiropractic care is designed to ensure your spine remains mobile, flexible, stronger and healthy. It assists with improving nervous system function as well as major improvements in pain. Chiropractors may not only deliver hands on management but also provide tailored advice to other areas of your lifestyle such as exercise, diet and nutrition. Addressing these aspects may also play an integral role in overcoming your problem and giving a much needed boost to your health and well-being. So give Chiropractic a go, speak with a therapist to see how it might be able to help you today!

Author: Dr. James Allen

Vitality Chiropractic Australia